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Tutto Tonda | PietreNere
Olio extravergine di oliva. Azienda Agricola La Tonda srl, Buccheri, Sicilia
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Only from olives harvested by hand from our lands with black lava rock. We have named this oil PietreNere, meaning “black rocks” as it comes from volcanic regions where the black rocks appear throughout the red ground. It has strong notes of green tomato and freshly cut grass. The taste is refine and harmonious, yet there remains a persistent bitterness. It leaves an aftertaste that is fresh and pleasantly spicy. An oil for “meditation” that transforms a plate of boiled or steamed vegetables into a dish to remember. Ideal with bruschetta, while pleasantly contrasting the sweetness of shellfish.


Region of production

Buccheri, Iblei Mountains, eastern Sicily



Frassino, Margio and Sacramento



Tonda Iblea


Quantity of harvest

2,541 Kg


Olio produced

303.6 litri


Taster’s analysis

The taste is refined and harmonious with balanced notes of bitterness and spicyness. It leaves a fresh aftertaste with a pleasant spicyness. Read more


Chemical analysis

Acidity: 0.2

Peroxides: 8

Polyphenols 413

Learn more (in Italian only): Officialy Analysis of PietreNere

Available in


Bottle 0.5 L


Case of Mixed Bottles


For Chefs


TuttoTonda: Tutto a mano

Olive press: Team 4×4 of Buccheri
Method of extraction: Olives are pressed within 12 hours of the harvest, on a mill just renovated with a double fringe (blades and hammers), two defoliators and a malaxer, a dual-phase centrifugal decanter that avoids the final addition of hot water in order to preserve the maximum number of polyphenols.
Preservation: In stainless steel tanks, with additions of nitrogen to eliminate oxygen in a climate controlled environment.
Harvest method: “Brucatura a mano”: picking olives directly from the trees by hand. The best method for preserving the integrity of each olive