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Tutto Tonda | The company
Olio extravergine di oliva. Azienda Agricola La Tonda srl, Buccheri, Sicilia
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The company

The Tonda is the story of a family, actually, of families, as it has brought four friends and their children together. The agricultural company was founded in 2011 by Daniele Miccione, a Sicilian journalist and gastronomist. TuttoTonda is based in Buccheri, a small town in the Iblei Mountains with a great vocation for olives. When he started, Daniele only had a very small goal: to make the best olive oil in the world. But only for personal use! Maybe make enough to share with some friends. The challenge was that the oil turned out to be fantastic and in 2014 won the Sol di Bronzo in Verona and the gold medals in New York and Tokyo. At that point, the project got out of hand! TuttoTonda is now made up of eight members, two whole households: Daniele Miccione and Carla De Girolamo, who are both journalists, and their daughters Martina and Bianca, Dario Calogero, businessman in telecommunications, Alessandra Levy, manager, and their children Pietro and Emma. Now our goal has changed: we want you, and all of your friends, to try the best olive oil in the world.