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Tutto Tonda | The Green Gold
Olio extravergine di oliva. Azienda Agricola La Tonda srl, Buccheri, Sicilia
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The Green Gold

Each year we start the harvest with a a small party in the countryside where we invite all the friends of the “”Tonda””. We don’t pick many olives that day. Luigi Larocca, Buccheri’s gastronomist, has helped us out since the beginning by sharing his wisdom and technique: Luigi always says “”make poetry.”” It’s nice to be with the people who have believed in our shining light. In a few words, we want to thank Diana Thorimbert, a young director we have known since she was very young: she has narrated the days of the harvest through poetry and has captured beautiful photos. Laura Buddensieg, who has redesigned the label and found the right logo that best represents our words. The Formica brothers, Sebastiano, Buccheri’s chef at the gourmet tavern’s (U Locale), who comes out to the countryside and gives us cooking lessons as well as unique insights in the culture of farming, and Giuseppe. Patrizia Eberle, who has picked olives one by one so that they could be used in one of our first experiments, the Tonda+, a mix of Tonda Iblea and Olivastro. We want to thank my brother Davide, who searched high and low in Buccheri’s countryside to find the best land for our project. Architect Luigi Minozzi who worked on the renovation projects. Laura, Daniela, Lia and all the relatives and friends who have encouraged us. Gabriel who built our first website. We thank Leonardo, Fabio and Fernando who help us pick olives. And our friends of the oil mill: Alfredo, Elena, Maurizio and Gaetano. We thank Matteo Caccia who blessed us with his voice. Gianni Viviani and Luca Zanoni who, at different times, photographed our bottles. Manuela Cassarà who offered us her knowledge of the English language. Jean Marc Vezzoli, from the Longoni Bakery at Carate Brianza, who placed bottles of TuttoTonda on their shelves even before people new about it. And finally UbiquityLab’s team: Italo Marconi, Giuseppe Mauro and Julie Blitzer who found the way to bring this oil to the digital world, social media and e-commere. Which wasn’t simple…
This movie is dedicated to them.
Daniele Miccione”